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“Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen” – Alan Keith


Using a grassroots development approach, Teresa Coogler is on the move to create social change – economic dependency to economic self-sufficiency. A change that is necessary in underserved communities. A native of Southern California, and a professional Learning and Development facilitator, Teresa is currently fulfilling her vision of promoting self-sufficiency with customer-based service, and bringing a new energy to transformational leadership with the creation of LEADING CHANGE - Leadership Readiness Workshop.

Before launching Leading Change in 2006, Teresa served as a Program Specialist and professional trainer for the Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA) for 15 years. Teresa has been professionally trained; and certified with a federally sponsored Train the Trainer method. She trained more than 3,200 employees with The Customer, a customer service program for the Department of Organizational Improvement. During her tenure with the VHA  she was nationally awarded for her work with the Federal Women's Program. Teresa served as the chairperson of the Federal Women’s Program, a national organization that identifies barriers to the hiring and advancement of women and to enhance employment opportunities for women in every area of federal service. 

With the use of her creative sales style, and customer-based service skills, Teresa also holds a successful regionally recognized background in Sales.

OUR Story

Leading Change - Leadership Readiness Workshop (LCLW) is a series of interactive workshop sessions designed to assess and develop leadership knowledge, skills and abilities.  

As a professional Learning and Development facilitator and advocate for economic stability and financial freedom, Teresa launched Leading Change (LCLW). Her vision was born to give an underserved population the opportunity to assess their professional leadership skills before venturing into entrepreneurship – in effect to achieve the necessary skill set to reach true self-sufficiency.

The training workshop sessions focus on the necessary leadership and customer service core competencies to professionally thrive in the areas of flexibility, resilience, diversity, team-building, negotiation, communication skills, continued learning, and more. As a certified public speaker, Teresa is also able to offer those seeking career upward mobility a platform to give them convenience for powerful interviews and presentation skills. 


Participants in Teresa’s training workshop sessions have described them as “excellent,” “enthusiastic,” and “enjoyable.” When they were asked how the sessions could be improved, the answer was “impossible”! 


Teresa received her Bachelor of Science degree with honors from LaVerne University in LaVerne, California, and went on to earn her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Leadership. She is a Train the Trainer, Certified Professional Trainer, (CPT), as well as a professionally trained public speaker and a seasoned Toastmaster with CTM certification. 


Teresa currently resides in Nevada. When Teresa is not promoting financial success, she enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, reading, the arts, and fulfilling her need for creativity.

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